The Telegraph

My role: Product Designer

Timeframe: 9 months

Products: Telegraph edition app - Telegraph Live app - Authoring CMS


At The Telegraph I worked in the product team as a UX designer in the mobile product team. My main duty was to improve the experience of the readers on two main products: Edition and Live app.

Design sprint

I was involved in various design sprints to help shape the future of the products in order to create a superior experience for the users. Working closely to the PO, stakeholders, user researchers and the business, my duty was to help the team to shape the product’s roadmap and prioritise features.

  • My Telegraph: a new way to get the news

What we did and what we implemented:

  • I helped to develop the new personas for the new propositions, working closely with the research teams and analytics team. We created 5 different personas which the product team used to developed the new proposition.
  • Following a google design sprint we developed My Telegraph section: after collecting feedback from users of the Telegraph we found out that people would like to personalise the feeds and to save articles. My telegraph is the personal space of the user. It contains: all saved articles, content tailored for the user based on their behaviour and previous activities. We designed an updated navigation and new section pages.

At the end of the design sprint we tested the concept with real users.

You can find the result of the week of design sprint here.

The concept of "My Telegraph" that we designed during the sprint was evaluated by the team and is now live and has been adapted in all the digital parts of The Telegraph like live app and website.

Read more regarding the project that went live in July 2018.

  • Edition APP (iOS, Android)

The Edition tablet app includes the full breadth of content user would expect from the printed newspaper including weekend supplements from travel, property and gardening. With enriched photo galleries and videos, as well as an interactive puzzles section, this easy-to-navigate app allows to enjoy a smooth reading experience. I've worked on UX audit and on a new strategy to re-launch the edition.

  • Authoring (internal CMS for editors)

Authoring is the CMS that editors use to publish articles. I've worked with the various stakeholders on new features to improve the publishing flow.