Nectar loyalty

My role: UX Designer

Projects: Nectar website, Nectar iOS and Android app

Process and way of working

Nectar is a loyalty card scheme in the UK with 19 million customers. The scheme is the largest in the United Kingdom, and comprises of a number of partner companies including Sainsbury's and BP.

I've worked with my team to redesign the discovery piece on the website, iOS and Android Nectar app to increase the engagement, page views and to increase use of offers.

Iterative design process

The problem

90% of Nectar customers are not aware that Nectar has more than just one partner (Sainsbury’s). The business is losing the opportunity to engage with customers with the result of not enough consumption of offers. Plus our colleagues at the Call centre receive a huge amount of calls from customers asking for a complete list of partners where they can redeem or collect their points.

What we did on the desktop site

  • Mapping the experience and collecting data We started our research phase by reviewing analytics data to understand the actual behavior of our customers, from how users arrive or begin, to their exit points, including the devices that they use and the happy paths they complete.

The Marketing and Analytics team provided us data and insights of what was underperforming, pain points and of all the user flows that were not being completed to get to the root cause of the problem.

We visited the Call center team in New Castle and we listened to some calls from the users: talking to them helped us to get their feeling and emotions.

This helped us to answer to fundamental questions around users journey and to create a pattern:

  • What is the ideal target path or flow?
  • What are the key moments or touch points along the way?
  • Is this a single or multi-session experience?
  • How does the experience end?
  • How do we reach or serve users after they have finished?

Design and Research Activities: Personas - Empathy Map - As is Scenario - To Be Scenario - Prioritisation Grid - Storyboarding - Experience Based Roadmap - Card sorting - Flows, Wireframes and UI Components

Where can I collect and spend my points?
Some research activities conducted by the team


Improving users discoverability of 600+ Nectar partners will drive engagement and increase the consumption of offers reducing pain points.

Stakeholders workshop I led designed thinking activities with internal key stakeholders to discuss their responsibilities, expectations and to align teams.

What we designed

  • On desktop: A new flow and a new interface for the desktop site to simplify the user experience of discovering brands/offers and a simple way to collect and redeem points.

  • On mobile: A new personalised experience that helps users to explore brands on the go.

Prototype and test

We designed the new flows and a new UI. We created few version of the prototype that we tested with real users in order to iterate.

Take away We got positive feedback from the users:

Positive towards the discovery piece (explore section), very positive towards behaviour led content. Positive towards updated navigation. Positive towards filters, offers tailored to them and UI.

User testing session


The app is live on the iTunes/Google Play Store.

Positive reviews from the users on the Store. The app is now 4.2 on Google Play and 4.7 on Apple Store.

In the 6 months since the launch, all KPIs are positive and running at record highs with a 10% increase in Nectar engagement plus 39% increase in NPS.