MyMail in partnership with Nectar

Role: UX designer

The project: Launch of MyMail in partnership with Nectar

The Daily Mail is the UK’s most widely read national newspaper and one of the top online news destinations. My Mail is the loyalty scheme of the Daily Mail. They chose to partner with Nectar to increase their competitive advantage and drive growth by focusing on customer loyalty.

Collaborating directly with the Daily mail internal design team on a large redesign, our team could dedicate fully to the new journey.

MyMail Nectar Customer Proposition

Fast prototyping and early testing

To prove a set of navigational hypothesis and overall journey flows, we organise a very early user testing with a couple of rough prototypes.

General requirements

By linking their My Mail and Nectar card accounts, users will be able to collect Nectar points for every Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspaper they buy.

Goals and user scenarios

Key findings

After a few iterations and various user testing with the daily mail design team, a report of findings was produced and a plan was put in place for going forward. Some of the most important insights we had from the users:

  • Most of them were positive towards the My Mail+Nectar proposition
  • Positive towards the linking journey
  • Positive towards the usability

Some amends were definite and didn't need further investigation and some we put into an MVT roadmap to gain more insight.

The project went live in August '17