Mindfulness Moments

My role: Product Designer

Timeframe: 2 months

Project scope Mindfulness Moment is a new product from Macmillan Caner Support that helps users de-stress, while raising money to care for others. The users receive daily SMS tips on mindfulness in return for a cash donation at sign up.

Problem statement How can we motivate people to donate and to feel they're receiving something in return? The business objective was also to increase awareness between women from 25-60.

Why women and why Mindfulness?

Women are particularly susceptible to stress.

Women are socialised to be the caretakers of others. More women than men have both a career outside the home and continue to try to juggle traditional responsibilities after hours. Over 70% of married women with children under the age of 18 are employed outside the home. Sociologists describe women as struggling to achieve the "male standard" at work, while trying to maintain the perfect wife and mother standards at home.

As women progress through life's stages, hormonal balance associated with premenstrual, post-partum and menopausal changes can affect chemical vulnerability to stress and depression.

Research, analysis and testing approach

What do we know about the users? Understanding the users and their needs allowed us to build a proposition for the product.

We built two personas based on previous research.

Smoke testing

The audience have been tested with a smoke appeal on Facebook.

A landing page was tested with females with the highest propensity to give. More specifically: female 25-45 -fun loving givers- and 45-65 -Good lifers. We got positive feedback towards the proposition receiving 6.000 of signup.

We conducted some guerrilla testing to test the look and feel of the new product.

The campaign went live in January 2019. Approx. 2000 registrants in 4 weeks with 6k raised.