My role: UX Lead

Project scope: Mighty Hikes is a series of one-day hiking marathons all over the UK to raise money for people effected by cancer. Currently there is not a dedicated website and the project scope is to identify opportunity for design and the real needs of partecipants.

  • Create a single touchpoint where collect details regarding the series
  • An audit and analysis of the Mighty hikes journey from awareness through to registration completion

Project objectives:

  • Improve taxonomy and content of the site based on identifying user needs
  • Improve navigation and flow
  • Improve content on landing pages and single event pages
  • Improve logic of FAQs
  • Create a starting point where to iterate following by appropriate user research:
  • Make registration of individual and team in one single platform
  • Gamification and challenge (e.g. Go sober)
  • Sign up/Donation journey in a single touchpoint


Data, research and findings

Data on Mighty Hikes:

Competitor research

Benchmarks analysis

  • Divide the content in two different sections: before and after the event
  • Give the right amount of info to register in a simple way
  • Search bar in the homepage to allow to search for an event

Research and findings

Exit quantitative/qualitative surveys The survey was sent after the events and it collected around 4.000 replies from participants.

Facebook qualitative survey The survey was posted in the facebook page of the event and it collected 163 replies. It covers areas that were not covered with the exit survey to understand user needs and behaviour for subjects like training and after the hike activities.

Findings from qualitative research

Identifying personas Personas were built based on data from analytics*, ecosystem ‘fundraiser’ persona Mosaic and Acom marketing segmentation.

*(Evaluation and Analysis of Responders to the exit survey: Jurassic Coast Mighty Hike 2018, Lake District Mighty Hike 2018, Northumberland Coast Mighty Hike, Peak District Mighty Hike 2018, Rob Roy Mighty Hike 2018, South Coast Mighty Hike 2018, Thames Path Mighty Hike 2018, Wye Valley Mighty Hike 2018)

Based on MH personas we can say that we need to reach the following goals in order to satisfy user needs:

  • Show how the events are close to users interests and their personality.
  • Make it clear how the money raised will help people affected by cancer.
  • Show how taking part in the hikes benefits them: e.g. adventure with friends, achievement of a goal etc.
  • Make the registration simple and easy.
  • Add the social part.
  • Simplify the pay in process investigating new ways of pay in (paypal, Monzo?).

Recommendations and design opportunities

Current flow:

New flow proposal and key insights