Local Cancer Intelligence

My role: UX Lead

Timeframe: 2 month

Project During my time at Macmillan Cancer support I've played a role around the company supporting not only my team but also other teams when they needed product design support. This is a small project that I did supporting the squad responsible to deliver the user experience of LCI.

Local Cancer Intelligence helps professionals understand the changing cancer population within a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in England. It also shows how this compares within Cancer Alliances for some of the data sets available on the tool.

We conducted a redisign of website to:

  • Improve search and filtering - We collected many complains from the users and Hotjar data analysis showed us majority of users failed using the filters
  • Improve mobile experience - Data registered an increase of the mobile use from av of 5% up to nearly 30% later in the year
  • Meet KPIs - Reduce time on task

Users Our users demographic are students and NHS professional between 20-50 years old.

Approach After kick off and design exploration workshops with stakeholders I've created a new proposal mocks, flows and a prototye. I've made a prototype and I've conducted usability test with users.

Prototype and mobile experience

I've created two prototypes (desktop and mobile) with principle ready to be tested with the users.

I've conducted usability test with students and NHS professionals.

User testing


  • 7 participants could complete the tasks
  • 7 participants could reset the filters with no hesitation and deviation.
  • 6 participants find the filters clear and easier to use.

The website was developed by a dev squad and it is live here: https://lci.macmillan.org.uk/England/