My role: Senior UX Designer

Timeframe: 6 month

Business requirements At Lloyds I played a role in shaping the project requirements by ensuring that a customer centric approach was adopted.

I did this by producing high-level flows for many features that are now live in the mobile app. Some feature that we released:

  • Chat bot
  • Geolocation

Approach I adopted a design thinking approach working with various stakeholders developing features in a two weeks sprint. I worked collaboratively with various business areas to collect data for research, with both Android and iOS dev team supporting the build and iterations.

Research We conducted research talking to people that use the app and we collected data that we had to identify design opportunities and to validate hypotesis. We also set up clear KPIs upfront to measure design success.

Users Lloyds Active app Users are people from 23 to 37 years old. The most active population group by age are people between 18-25 years old with 72.30% of active users.

Challenges Since Lloyds is one of the biggest bank in the UK, I've had to align different stakeholders from different business area, I did this organising design thinking activities, like workshops or Prioritization Matrices and other techniques.

Example of a feature