Calvin Klein microsites

Project: Find your moment

The idea was to build a CK time crowdfunding platform. Users could contribute to it by posting pictures wearing Calvin Klein jewels on Instagram with the #ckminute hashtag.

Each post would count as a minute in the crowdfunding campaign. The user contributing the 10.000th minute would win a trip to New York.


User flow, user testing and visual Design

Following the conclusion of testing on the mid-fidelity prototype, we embarked on a high-fidelity prototype and we created the UI and a style guide.


After our inItial sketching in Design Studio, we combined set of low-fidelity printed wireframes that we were able to put up on the wall and walk people through to get their reactions. We had a lot of useful feedback at this early stage and when we were satisfied that we had ironed out these issues, we then built a tappable prototype using marvel so we could take the concept out for further guerrilla testing.


  • More than 8.000 pictures posted on Instagram across Find your moment website
  • More than 10.000 posts shared on facebook with #ckminute hashtag around the world