Brave the shave

My role: UX Designer contractor

The project: Across the UK, thousands of people are getting sponsored to shave their hair for Macmillan Cancer Support. Brave shavers have raised over £16.8 million. I worked on the Brave the shave website which is currently live.

Our KPIs were to increase the registrations and to help users to complete their profiles, delivering the users a delightful user experience.

What do we know about our users?

Creating personas for donors/fundraising:

I've created personas based on data, demographics, marketing segmentations and research.

Classifying a difference between donor and fundraiser helped us to define the two main journeys on the website.

I also arranged focus groups with fundraisers who took part in fundraising campaigns in the past years; this helped us to understand users perceptions.

Design plan

Working with the stakeholders and the various teams I helped to create timelines and backlogs to coordinate the work with the rest of the company. This involved UI designers, marketing managers, product owners etc.

I made two prototypes, tested them with existing users and new potential users. I then created presentations with all the findings: this helped the teams to understand the users needs and to priorities the future features that needed to be built.

Following the conclusion of the various testing, I iterated the UX based on the findings and I worked closely with the rest of the teams like social media team and digital editors to ensure the delivery of a consistent user experience across all the platforms.

I constantly supported the dev team from the start of the project to ensure consideration with the technical constraints upfront and to develop the project in the required time reaching the milestones.

What we built


We saw an initial increase of registrations of the 7% compare to the same time last year.

Next steps and iterations

We use analytics tools like google analytics and hotjar to collect feedback on how our users use Brave the Shave website.

Hotjar is a tool that allows us to visualise behaviour, understand what our users want, what they care about and what they do on the site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour, which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

The data show us what we can do to improve the user experience also helping the UX team to identify usability issues.

The project is now live here