Annalisa Valente

I am a Senior Product Designer with an interest in tables, data visualisation and systems. I love solving problems in complex domains through elegant solutions and simple interfaces. I have experience working for startups and big companies leading all the phases of the design process and mentoring junior designers.

My fav tools and design activities:

  • šŸ”­Research and workshops
  • šŸšøUser Flows
  • šŸ‘Design critique
  • šŸ—Design System and Patterns
  • šŸš¦Strategy and KPIs
  • šŸ•¹Interactive Prototypes
  • šŸ”¬Testing, Refining, Iterating
  • šŸ—ŗProduct management
  • šŸ—£Stakeholders management
  • šŸ‘„Mentoring



Side projects:

External collaborations: