Welcome to my design approach:

šŸ”­Research and workshops: I do reasearch in order to understand user's needs, to set up strategy and to make assumptions. I like to ask questions and to analyse data. Research informs my design, constant user feedback helps me validate hypotesis. I employ a lean design thinking approach and I conduct design thinking activities to align stakeholders and teams.

šŸšøUser Flows: I like designing at all levels of fidelity. I combine the research findings, requirements gathering, customer mapping and workshop outcomes into something more tangible: this can be a user flows, blueprint, wireframes, interactive prototypes.

šŸ‘Design critique: I run design critique with design and dev teams to help analysing designs, giving and collecting feedback on whether it meets its objectives.

šŸ—Design System and Patterns: I create components - more specifically patterns - and I enjoy working with design systems. I help teams to identify common users behaviours and to be more agile using and creating patterns that can be used across platforms. At IBM I'm part of the Carbon Design Guild.

šŸš¦Strategy and KPIs: Business requirements and outcomes are as important as user needs and goals. I help companies and teams to define strategy, KPIs and to achieve clear business goals meeting user's needs.

šŸ•¹Interactive Prototypes: I'm able to design interactions and behaviours, translating them into interactive prototypes, ready for stakeholders and more specifically for the users. I pair with devs in order to deliver and possibly ship a polished experience.

šŸ”¬Testing, Refining, Iterating: My committment continues with helping to prepare, moderate and review user testing, then working close with researchers and developers, sprint after sprint, monitoring and improving the experience during and after the launch.

šŸ—ŗProduct management: I bring with me many years of design experience in various industries and this allows me to work comfortable with senior stakeholders in order to identify opportunities, create, prioritise, shape roadmaps and also create user stories.

šŸ—£Communication: I believe that communication and decision making are the key to making a great team and to building great products. I helped to set up design teams and to share best practises - I help teams to find the best way for them to work with agile/lean and I support the communication between dev, design, product managers and leadership team. I have a high value for openness, humility, flexibility, collaboration, diversity and empathy.

šŸ‘„Mentoring: I'm happy working with juniors. Outside work I'm a Mentor at UXPA UK and I support UX practitioners.

My outside work interests:

In my free time I like playing D&D, board games and learning drums and Classic/contemporary ballet. I lead the Events team at UXPA-UK and I help mentees to develop their skills.

I am a member of the Jury at www.cssdesignawards.com and sometimes I like to write articles and to participate at hackathons.